Motor Carrier #141754
Household Goods Certificate #HG139541


  • Use items that will not be moved, like frozen food and cleaning products

  • Arrange utility shut off dates (Electricity, Phone, Cable, etc.)

  • Insure your new location

  • Arrange for your travel on your move out date

  • Buy your moving supplies (Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Tape, etc.)

  • Pack items that are not needed in day-to-day life


  • Pay all outstanding local bills

  • Clear safe deposit boxes

  • Pick up all dry cleaning

  • Return video rentals & library books

  • Take your pets to your vet

  • Pet Immunization

  • Pick up pets health records


  • Defrost your refrigerator & freezer

  • Prop open doors

  • Pack immediately-needed personal items & keep separate from other boxes

  • Contact your moving service professionals to confirm arrival of professional movers

  • Notify moving professionals of any last-minute changes or details


  • Pack toys and and snacks to help children through the day

  • Clear driveways & walkways

  • Remove door mats & floor mats

  • Special items should be pointed out immediately to your professional movers

  • Read your bills of lading & inventory carefully before signing

  • Ensure that you comprehend all paperwork & keep it safe during moving

  • Ensure the driver has clear, precise directions to new location


  • Driver should contact you at least 24 hours before estimated date of delivery

  • Assist movers with a room-by-room floor plan

  • Driver will collect payment before unloading can begin (Unless previous arrangements have been made)

  • Driver will sign bill of lading & give you a copy for a receipt

  • Use Customer Check-off Sheet to track delivered items

  • Note damaged/missing items on your inventory, including copies for the driver

  • Notify your North American coordinator

  • If you have purchased unpacking services

  • Movers will unpack boxes

  • Packing materials & cartons will be removed

Professional Movers Serving Augusta, GA

Have questions related to packing and moving? The professional movers at The Moving Mann are happy to provide you with some tips if you decide to do it all on your own. For more information, give our professional movers a call!


  • 50-pound limit on all cartons & boxes

  • Carefully wrap all objects

  • Crumpled newsprint makes great cushioning

  • Similarly weighted items should be packed together

  • Only utilize boxes that can be firmly taped closed

  • Label every box with:

  • Your Name

  • Room Origination

  • Room Destination

  • Content Description


  • Similarly sized books should be packed together

  • Avoid overloading boxes

  • Lamp Shades:

  • Use clean paper to pack shade

  • Pack in a box 2-inches larger than the diameter of the shade

  • Label: Lamp Shade / Fragile / Top Load Only

  • Stereo Equipment

  • Secure turntables & disc players

  • Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions


  • Use wardrobe cartons to transport clothing that is on hangers

  • The Moving Mann has these cartons available.

  • Line boxes & suitcases with clean paper to place folded clothing

  • Place linens in clean, large plastic bags before packing into boxes

  • Use bedding & linens as box cushioning

  • Pack mirrors in special cartons


  • Drain all power tools or gas & oil

  • Wrap tools with sharp edges in old towels

  • Place any hardware used from disassembled objects in plastic bags

  • For grills:

  • Throw away any charcoal

  • Disconnect the propane tank - It cannot be transported within the moving truck


  • Get rid of all things perishable

  • Use clean paper to separately wrap glasses & china

  • Use plenty of paper to pad items within boxes

  • Heavy items like pans & pots should be packed in the box’s bottom


  • Our moving service can shrink wrap large furniture

  • Discuss your leather items in advance of packing

  • Pack couch cushions in large boxes

  • Always use a specially trained professional mover for large items like pool tables or pianos

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